The Emerson Square Condominium Association is located at 61 Wright Street in the quaint city of Stoneham. MA. The three story building is comprised of 15 units. The building was originally a middle school serving the Stoneham area. Emerson Square is easily accessible by exiting at the Montvale exit off of Highway 93.

The Town of Stoneham is a residential suburban community situated less than 10 miles to the Northwest of the city of Boston. Approximately one-third of the community is contained within the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) Middlesex Fells Reservation, including Spot Pond. On December 17, 1725 a petition was granted to allow Stoneham to become a town. breaking away from Charlestown. One week later Stoneham’s first Town Meeting was held. Over time the farmlands located within the Turnpike corridor was subdivided for the development of homes for the shopkeepers, shoemakers, carpenters, and other craftsmen. In 1840 churches were built, and in the 1850’s the Stoneham 5 Cent Savings Bank and John Hill’s Factory were established on Main Street. The Industrial Revolution brought growth and commerce to Stoneham. The home shoemaking industry was over time absorbed into the more than forty shoe manufacturing concerns. Today one only needs to look at the Town Seal to see the importance of shoe manufacturing, tanneries and box factories to see their importance to Stoneham. As the shoe industry went into decline the advent of what was the Town’s largest employer E .L. Patch Company, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals.

Stoneham was known as “The Friendly Town”. The success of the community was evident in the number of Olympic Team members that came from Stoneham since the modern Olympics were introduced, the most recent being Nancy Kerrigan, bronze and silver medal womens's figure skating champion in 1992 and 1994 respectively.

Stoneham has established itself as a fine suburban community with low crime, fine schools, outstanding local services, and roadways linking in all directions and as a great location for people to live and locate their business.

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